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your lips your eyelashes your skin

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So there was this boy. He was cute and wore a smile on his shoulder. He believed in God and he always knew he could make every second in life stronger; more powerful.His eyes were normal but they held more emotion than ever. When he kissed my forehead I was daydreaming. I was in hell with all the sinners. I sat on my lonely cold hardwood floors with tears falling from both fucking eyes. And my hands were trembling and my legs were shaking. As I was standing outside I saw this lonely tree that was calm, but more stronger than others. It stood there with no emotion and no fear for this world. I could only think of you. Rain started to spit out of the dreamy sky that I held a grunge for. It was the tears of pain and love you shared for her. I started to laugh as i saw the bird take over that tree and make it his home. I ran around the yard and got drenched hoping you would see and smile just one last time, like we were kids who had nothing better to do.
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